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Birds with long necks and stick legs patter away down the road and bustard chicks follow in the footsteps of their mothers. The 13 mosaic pieces of the National Park enclosed by the Körös, Maros and Tisza rivers boast several unique creatures in addition to the famous great bustard, including rare butterfly varieties like Fisher's estuarine moth and the atopta thrips, as well as the mole-rat. Adonis hybrida wolf and nodding sage are exceptional red listed plants found nowhere else. The distinctive elements of this landscape also include the flower species sternbergia colchiciflora, of which only one thousand plants remain as a reminder of the warm period that followed the Ice Age. Riverside trees dip their foliage in the water and beckon you to take a hike, cycle ride or simply a picnic along the banks of the River Körös.

Demonstration Sites
Körösvölgy Visitor Centre (Szarvas)
koros_marosKnown as Anna-liget, the 26 hectares surrounding the group of buildings have memorable and valuable characteristics. The castle and its grounds are both integral to the area's cultural heritage.
You can view the permanent exhibition entitled 'The Natural Values of Southern Tiszántúl' or wonder down the Anna-liget Study Trail for a small admission charge. The visitor centre provides additional services, such as tour guides, special workshops, scientific and more general presentations, a woodland education centre, a conference room, a list of recommended activities for the entire national park and the sale of brochures and publications.
Open daily from 9 am to 5 pm between April 1 and October 31, closed on Mondays.
Tel.: +36 66 313 855 or +36 30 475 1789
Réhely Visitor Centre (between Dévaványa and Ecsegfalva) koros_maros_2
Housed in the centre, the permanent exhibition presents the European bustard, one of the region's most valuable natural assets, as well as the area's wildlife and history. You can observe bustards, long-horn grey cattle, buffaloes, woolly racka sheep, the local breed of pig (mangalica) and unusual poultry varieties. Setting off from the visitor centre along a study trail, you can see the national park's characteristic flora and fauna for yourself. You can also rent a bicycle and follow a network of marked cyclepaths across the protected landscape. The permanent exhibition, the wealth of local species, the bustard reserve and the study trail can all be enjoyed by visitors in exchange for a small admission charge. The visitor centre offers a variety of services, including a woodland school, professionally guided tours, scientific presentations and lectures, accommodation for 48 persons and conference rooms (2 meeting rooms for 50 and 2 rooms for 25 persons), bike rental, carriage rides and sale of publications, including a list of recommended activities in the national park.
Open daily from 9 am to 5 pm between April 1 and October 31, closed on Mondays.
Tel.: +36 66 483 083 or +36 30 445 2409.
Kardoskút Museum
The museum's permanent exhibition documents the history and natural wealth of Fehértó. Exhibits, such as old maps, drawings, photographs and stuffed animals, chart the changes to the landscape around Kardoskút. Advance booking required.
Tel.: +36 68 429 262 or +36 30 475 1776.
Bihari Madárvárta
The building is located on the territory of Körös Maros National Park, which is about 3 kilometres from the centre of Biharugra. After reaching the settlement, we can approach Madárvárta on a coated road.
The new establishment built in 2007, reflects the typical Bihar-land architectural elements with its traditional settlement. . The building and the unperturbed nature gives opportunity for organising unforgettable open air school programs here.
Open-Air School professional program costs:
Vocational lecture: 3200 Ft/hour/group
Tour: 3200 Ft/hour/group
Consulting tour: 6100 Ft/ hour/group
Irregular course: 3700 Ft/ hour/group
Registration, Information:
Address: 5538 Biharugra, Bihari Madárvárta
Phone: +36-30/687-0816, e-mail:
Contact: Tóth Zsuzsanna
Historical Exhibition Site at Vésztő-Mágor
The twin mound of Mágor is the legacy of the people that lived here between the Neolithic and Bronze Ages. The exhibits on show at the museum, housed in the wine cellars of the restored abbey dating from the Árpád-Era, record the history of local church architecture. Fragments of a Palaeolithic settlement are also on display just as they were discovered by archaeologists.
Open daily from April to October.
Tel.: +36 66 477 148.

Study Trails
Réhely Study Trail (Dévaványa-Réhely)
Departing from the Réhely Visitor Centre, the study trail will take you to eight stations along a 1.5 kilometre loop. On your way, you will encounter the typical habitats and most important animal species and plants in the flatland around Dévaványa and Ecseg. The trail is open to visitors on foot. Contact the Réhely Visitor Centre to book a professional guide.
Kígyós Study Trail (Szabadkígyós)
Some 5 kilometres long, this study trail sets off from the northern section of the forest (Nagyerdő) bordering the settlement of Szabadkígyós to the north. It takes four hours to cover the four stations on foot during which time you will discover the flora, fauna and typical habitats of Kígyósi-puszta. Visitors can visit the trail independently.
Tel.: +36 66 247 169.
Anna-liget Study Trail
This trail extends for 2 kilometres across Anna-liget in Szarvas. The eight stations along the trail present the local wildlife in all its glory. The pleasant stroll takes an hour and a half, but you will need the best part of three hours to fully take in each station.
The trail is only open to visitors on foot. Contact the Körösvölgy Visitor Centre to book a professional guide.
Halásztelki Study Trail
This trail shows South Alföld through 10 information panels. Visitors can learn about the flora, zoology and cultural history of the floodplain of Hármas-Körös. It is possible to explore this 3 kilometre long path by your own, or with a tour guide from the Körösvölgyi Látogatóközpont.
Tel.: 66/313-855
Kisvátyon Study Trail
This 8 kilometre trail winds its way through the landscape surrounding the villages of Geszt and Zsadány. It is accessible by bus, car, bicycle or on foot. The local wildlife and reconstructed habitats require 3-6 hours to explore. To book a professional guide, call: +36 66 498 360.
Mágor-puszta Study Trail
Just over 500 metres in length, this study trail begins along the road leading to the Vésztő-Mágor Memorial entrance. The trail provides an insight into the natural and cultural heritage of this protected area and leads to Mágor Hill. The walk, which you can take at any time, lasts around 1.5-2 hours.

Cycling Tours
There are 5 bicycle tracks across the Dévaványa-Ecseg flatlands of the national park. The marked tracks are:
Gabonás-Szilasok (20 kilometres): This medium-length track takes in Erdőspuszta, the flora and fauna of the saline steppe meadows and forests and the mating site for bustards.
The Bala-Berettyó Fishing Ponds (48 kilometers) and Bala- Berettyó-Kórézug (43 km): The unregulated flow of the Hortobágy-Berettyó River is the main attraction along these tracks, which offer a comprehensive overview of the rich variety of plants and animals in the area.
Kérsziget-Berettyó-Ecsegfalva (15 kilometres): The track passes between hayfields with foxtails, swampy meadows and saline areas. The wetlands are home to a number of important bird species. The track also follows a shorter section of the Hortobágy-Berettyó River.
Atyaszeg-Csordajárás-Dévaványa (17 kilometres): The initial section of this tour follows the perimeter of a highly protected area, listed as an important habitat for bustards. The track then passes the an important site for wetland birds, a variety of marshy reed beds and an expanse of Puszta with its diverse vegetation.
The tracks are marked and described by posts and information boards.
Bikes are available for rent at the Réhely Visitor Centre and maps of the tracks are also on sale.
Tel.: +36 66 483 083.