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Wine and gastronomy

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Hungarian cuisine
Typical Hungarian foodstuffs are salami (including the ubiquitous Pick brand from Szeged), paprika (used in all Hungary's classic dishes - such as goulash - and available in a range of strengths from mild to spicy) and goose liver.
Hungarian wine has been acclaimed globally for many centuries. There are 22 wine regions in Hungary, and - in addition to restaurants and bars - you can take a taste in wine cellars, wine museums or at the wineyards themselves. Look out for Tokaj Aszú, which Louis XIV famously declared to be the 'king of wines, wine of kings'.
Pálinka - fiery fruit brandy - is one of Hungary's national treasures. Pálinka is distilled from 100% fruit - without the addition of any alcohol or artificial flavourings. It can be sipped either as a warming winter aperitif or as a spicy summer slurp!
Take a table in a pretty spot and lose yourself in some delicious food. Hungary's cuisine will tantalise your tastebuds - and the flavoursome memories will make you drool for years to come.
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