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The range of hills embracing the western side of Lake Fertő look down on salt water soaked saline grassland which surrounds a large clump of reeds dissected by a labyrinth of canals. This countryside is the gateway to the world of uniquely rich flora and fauna in the Hanság’s alder bogs and marshes, water meadows lining the River Répce and the Csáford woods with snowflake flowerbeds. To immerse yourself in the wonders of nature, hop on a bike to tour Lake Fertő, jump in a canoe or follow marked trails on foot. The natural and cultural rarities along the Hungarian and Austrian sides of Lake Fertő (known as Neusiedlersee across the border) earned it a place on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 2001.

Demonstration Sites

Kócsagvár (Egret Castle) – Visitor Centre (Sarród)fertotaj
Kócsagvár is a uniquely shaped structure that houses permanent and temporary exhibitions loaded with interesting items. Ask here about guided tours and for information on tours and organised events in the National Park. Exhausted at the end of a long day, you may put up at the local lodge, which has 46 beds and a large function room for conferences and parties. Booklets and tourist publications are also on sale.
The centre can be visited free of charge all year round.
Tel.: +36 99 537 620 or +36 99 537-633 .

The Flora and Fauna of the Hanság Exhibition (Öntésmajor)
The exhibition presents the development of the Hanság, the water management works, archaeological discoveries made during drainage and peat cutting, relics of farming in the 19th century, the everyday life and traditional crafts of the local people, and the rich wildlife of the area.
Open daily: 10 am to 5 pm from April 15 to October 15; 9 am to 4 pm from October 16 to April 14
Tel.: +36 99 537 620 .

Esterházy Bird Watch (Osli)
Turn off halfway between Osli to Földsziget, near the Csíkos Éger (Striped Alder) forest and you will eventually arrive at the Esterházy Bird Watch, an exhibition introducing the huge abundance of bird and insect species inhabiting the Hanság.
Advance booking necessary.
Tel.: +36 99 537 620 .

Study Trails

Istók Hany’s Study Trail (Hanság)
The trail departs from the Esterházy Bird Watch located half way between Osli and Földsziget and takes you past the Csíkos Éger alder forest. These trees with their buttressed roots provide a habitat for multitudes of insects, small mammals, big game and birds. Next, a small lane reveals what used to be islands on the moor. The last section of the study trail winds its way past a clump of old and majestic alders. The trail eventually ends at a lookout tower near Király-tó (King’s Lake), which offers a superb view of the lake shaped by years of peat mining. The remains of Istók Hany, an eight year-old boy found living on the marshland by fisherman and whose name the study trail bears, were found in the bogs surrounding the lake.
Open all year round with official guides provided by the National Park.

Sziki Őszirózsa Study Trail (Eastern Fertő Area)
Walking down this trail, you will learn about the local saline meadows and lakes as well as the role of traditional Hungarian domesticated animals in guarding and cultivating this protected landscape. You will encounter Hungarian grey cattle, long-wool sheep and buffalo herds, as well as glimpses of rare birds populating the shallow alkaline waters.
The 4 kilometre trail is open all year round to visitors arriving on foot or by bike.

Vízi Rence Study Trail (Lake Fertő)
A canoe tour offers an intimate insight into the wildlife lurking in the reeds, canals and internal lakes surrounded by sedge marshes. The study trail makes its way through an uninterrupted stretch of thick reeds lining Lake Fertő to take you to a tranquil world of natural wonders – but only for sharp-eyed visitors.
Open to visitors over 14 years of age accompanied by an official National Park guide between

Gyöngyvirág Study Trail (Fertő-side Hills)
This study trail owes the name lily-of-the-valley to the sweet-scented flowers that blanket the forest of Szárhalom in May. Walking along comfortable footpaths, you can observe the wildlife of a combination of limestone forest and wooded undergrowth. The trail begins and ends at the main gate of the Tómalom Bath and is marked clearly with the blue letter T.
The 3.5 kilometre study trail is open to visitors all year round.

Guided Tours

The Fertő and Hanság neighbourhoods – and the remaining areas of what used to be an enormous expanse of marshland – represent a unique island of natural beauty as you enter Hungary from the west. It provides refuge to an incredible diversity of wildlife, beautiful landscapes, and fascinating ethnography and culture.

The significance of the landscape surrounding Lake Fertő is internationally recognised and was designated as a Biosphere Reserve in 1979. It is also listed as an aquatic habitat of international importance in the Ramsar Convention.

The area is a meeting point of climatic zones and zoogeographical regions. The character of this small area is determined by its natural properties, which are unique to Europe, and the diversity of habitats present here, all of which owe their survival to the harmonious coexistence and tolerant land utilization of the many tribes, ethnic groups and peoples that have lived here almost continuously since prehistoric times.

It is no coincidence that the area’s cultural and natural heritage in both Austria and the Hungary (the Fertő/Neusiedlersee Cultural Landscape) were listed among World Heritage Sites in December 2001. The ecological tourist programs organised by the Fertő-Hanság National Park enable you to discover the great abundance of natural and cultural riches in the area.

More information:
Fertő-Hanság National Park Directorate
Cím:H-9435 Sarród, Rév-Kócsagvár
Telefon: +36-99/537-620 , +36-99/537-622 I fax: 99/537-621 I E-mail:

Tourinform Fertő-Táj
9431, Fertőd, J. Haydn u. 2.
+36 99 537 140
Tourinform Sopron
9400, Sopron, Liszt Ferenc u. 1.
+36 99 517 560
+36 99 517 561